About Us

We provide Indonesian language training in a fun and enjoyable way

BahasaGuru Courses

BAHASAGURU prides itself in providing quality, effective and practical Indonesian Language programs to learners of all levels.

As the leading Indonesian language training provider, our mission is to provide Indonesian language training in a fun and enjoyable way while introducing Indonesian customs and culture to our students.

Our company is the pioneer in Indonesian language training in Singapore.

It was founded by our principal trainer, Christina Dewi, a language lecturer who has more than 20 years of teaching experience.

BAHASAGURU owns several trademarks and intellectual property rights to syllabi, audio-visual materials and book publications.

Focused on equipping both corporate clients and individual professionals with practical Indonesian language skills for the business environment, our instructors have trained students that span diverse industries and vocations (See trainers’ profile and testimonials).

To ensure consistency of standards, all our instructors are trained in the BAHASAGURU method. Delivered through our market-tested BAHASAGURU method, learning the Indonesian language is easy, fun-filled and a highly interactive experience for our students.

The BAHASAGURU method of language learning adopts a highly effective pedagogy that promotes learning and usage through applications.

This pedagogy is founded on proven learning theories that include adult learning, behaviorism, cognitive learning, social learning and communicative theories. 

Through our BAHASAGURU method, students are able to speak the Indonesian language from their very first lesson.

Lessons are taught through a systematic curriculum designed by our Centre or customized to the client’s specific needs.

Each lesson is properly structured with a lesson plan and incorporates a variety of teaching techniques such as pair work, group work, audio-visual aids, and online reinforcement through e-learning.

Revisions are interjected at appropriate points to help students to recap and consolidate their learning.

All our instructors are native speakers of the Indonesian language.

Being native Indonesians, our pool of instructors not only have a thorough command of the language but also possess unique insights into Indonesian culture and customs.

These insights enable our instructors to teach the subtle nuances of the language that enhances the quality of our programs.

This thus ensures that what our students learn from us is a practical rather than textbook-type of language, which then helps them to connect better in business and social interactions.

Since our establishment, BAHASAGURU has provided our training services to numerous companies, government agencies and individuals from diverse professions and backgrounds.

Our students include bankers, doctors, lawyers, academic professionals, business practitioners, law enforcement officers, military officers, industry heads, senior government officials and officers from the diplomatic corps.

BAHASAGURU has also assisted various organizations in designing linguistic proficiency assessments and examinations of the Indonesian language.