Business (Level 1) - Executive Class

This special course is tailored to meet the needs of executives and professionals who often have to travel to Indonesia and maintain close relationship with their clients. Besides general topics such as asking for information, numbers & family, adverbs of time, hobbies & leisure, making phone calls and appointments, asking for directions, shopping, and going to the restaurants, this course also accommodates more business-related topics, such as working in the office, at the bank, as well as enquiring and purchasing products.

This course also provides an introduction into the cultural and social aspects in Indonesia, such as the customs, etiquette, etc. These “soft” aspects are arguably the most important as relationships are at the root of any profitable and long term business. Attending the course will help executives and professionals to be able to converse confidently in Indonesian language, to be more effective when doing business in Indonesia and to interact better with their clients and the locals.