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What courses are available, and what are the class types?
BAHASAGURU currently offers three different courses. They are the General Indonesian Course, the Business Indonesian Course, and Custom Designed Courses that can be tailored to specific industries. Additionally, BAHASAGURU also offers proficiency assessments and language seminars for executives.

Courses can be run as public classes (with a maximum of 12 participants in a class), corporate training classes, one-to-one course, and private group learning. To fit the schedules of students, evening or intensive classes can also be conducted.

Why are Bahasaguru programmes different from others?
BAHASAGURU’s language programmes differ from others in the following areas:


  • Research Based. Our curriculum and syllabi are based on years of teaching experience, continual research and the feedback of the thousands of students we have taught. This massive database allows BAHASAGURU to incorporate what works best into a proprietary teaching methodology, standardized books and supporting materials. The resultant BAHASAGURU’s system ensures consistency of quality of all our classes.
  • Holistic Learning Experience. Recognizing the effectiveness and importance of a multi-faceted learning pedagogy, the BAHASAGURU’s system comprises integrated learning through books, online reinforcement and listening aids.
  • Soft Skills. As language skill is merely a tool to achieve an ends, effective communication also requires an understanding of the “soft” aspects of cultural and social norms. Embedded within BAHASAGURU’s language programmes are lessons on customs and culture.
  • Customizable. Depending on the needs of the student, especially corporate clients, BAHASAGURU customizes its syllabi for the specific industries (eg. banking and finance, healthcare, etc). This ensures that the students learn what is relevant for their work.
What is the difference between the General Indonesian Course and Business Indonesian Course?
The primary difference between the General Indonesian Course and the Business Indonesian Course is that the former focuses on essential topics in a social setting, while the latter focuses on work-related settings, social settings, and common terminologies for business. The Business Indonesian Course is therefore more comprehensive and is designed for the professional who needs to interact in a business setting with basic language proficiency.
I have no knowledge of Indonesian language, can I join Business Indonesian Course?
Yes, both the Business Indonesian Course and General Indonesian Course are classified as basic level 1 or beginner courses and are suitable for those with zero knowledge of Indonesian language.
I have learnt Indonesian language at other centres, can I join BAHASAGURU’s basic level 2 or Intermediate level?
Yes, students with existing knowledge of the Indonesian language can join our advance courses. However, to ensure that you join a course that commensurate with your language proficiency, a pre-course assessment is required. Kindly contact our course consultant to arrange for the assessment.
What is the profile of BAHASAGURU’s trainers?
All BAHASAGURU trainers are native Indonesian speakers with exceptional command of the English language (spoken and written). Being native Indonesians, they possess unique insights into the customs/ culture of Indonesia which is an integral part of our language courses. To ensure the quality of our courses, BAHASAGURU only selects trainers who have years of teaching experience. Selected trainers then undergo our intensive internal training to familiarize them with the BAHASAGURU methodology.
What is the teaching methodology used in the class?
Students will be taught using a variety of activities and teaching aids. While the focus will vary with each module, students will learn speaking, listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary building.
What is online learning? Is it a substitute for classroom attendance?
Our online learning platform is not a substitute of classroom attendance. Online learning serves to reinforce whatever has been taught and learnt in class. BAHASAGURU believes that retention is as important as the learning of new knowledge. Hence, students are given exclusive access to our online learning platform, so that they can do their revision at their convenience. This revision will help them better retain what they have learnt in class.
What is the profile of students who have attended BAHASAGURU’s courses?
BAHASAGURU’s students come from all walks of life. They are mostly professionals who need to learn the Indonesian language to carry out their work duties, maintain relationship with their Indonesian clients, and/ or to socialize with the local Indonesians due to frequent travel to the country.
Must I complete 75% of attendance to get the certificate of completion?
Yes, you will need to attain a minimum attendance of 75% to receive the certificate of completion. This requirement is to enable BAHASAGURU to ensure that all our students achieve the course objective upon completion of the course. In the event that you are unable to meet the minimum attendance requirement, depending on the circumstances, a proficiency test can be requested. Upon satisfactory completion of the test, a certificate of completion can be issued.
How can I register for a programme of my choice?
For public classes, registration can be done online via BAHASAGURU’s website, or manually via fax or email. Public classes are subject to confirmation. Kindly contact us if you need assistance during the registration process. For corporate training classes, one-on-one course, and private group learning, kindly contact us (via enquiry form, phone, or email) for more information.