Privacy Policy

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BAHASAGURU certifies that we will never sell, rent, or lease your details, or your clients’ details (name, address, email etc) to any other third party.

To use BAHASAGURU’s services, users must provide all information requested at the time of registration (first name, last name, email address, contact information, address, etc). This information is necessary to keep track of individual accounts and to contact the users when needed.

Personal information, such as name and email, are used primarily to recognize individual accounts. Occasionally, BAHASAGURU will use individually identifiable information, such as email addresses and contact numbers, in order to contact the clients for service support or for providing information update and event information.

If you receive unsolicited commercial information about this website or its offerings from an unknown third party (i.e., “spam”), please report the abuse to us immediately so that appropriate action can be taken, by contacting us.