Ibu Christina from BAHASAGURU is an excellent teacher of the native Indonesian language. She is able to structure her lessons in a progressive manner, and teach at a pace that is comfortable with your learning curve. In around 10 lessons, I was able to use basic sentence structures to converse in Bahasa Indonesia for my work in Indonesia. In addition to learning the formal language, she is able to contextualise some colloquial terms into our language as Bahasa Indonesian is usually spoken with a mix of formal and colloquial. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn the language in the fastest time, and learn it accurately!

Jasper Tan

Head of Human Resource, Japfa Ltd

Colleagues and associates tell me that I am fluent in written and spoken Indonesian language. I have BAHASAGURU to thank for that. Their curriculum is very well structured and systematic. Their lessons are engaging, their teachers are very experienced and engaging. Choosing BAHASAGURU to provide the foundation of my language proficiency has been a very good decision.

Mike Tan

Director, Medical Affairs (Education), National University Hospital, and alumnus of National Resilience Institute of Indonesia

The one to one classes were very useful and customised to the student’s need. The teachers are very flexible in their approach and have as well a good sense of humor. Would definitely recommend it to everybody who wishes to achieve rapid progress in “Bahasa Indonesia”!

Werner Deprez

Senior Director, Investment Counselling Group, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Christina is a remarkable language teacher. She is able to effectively maintain the interest of students in her classes. What I really like about her teaching is her ability to always focus on the application of it and that really helps the students, especially the beginners, to relate to the subject.

Tan Bian

Officer from diplomatic corps, alumnus of Indonesian Command and Staff College

Learning a foreign language is never easy and it is more difficult when you have to be fluent in a short time. BAHASAGURU makes learning Bahasa Indonesia both interesting as well as educational.The teachers’ cheerful and patient characters create an environment that are conducive and fun. The methodology and content created by BAHASAGURU make learning Bahasa Indonesia easy and clear.

Edwin Goh

Officer in United Nations and alumnus of Indonesian Command and Staff College

Ibu Christina (that’s how the Indonesian address someone respected and senior, it also means “mother”) is an excellent teacher who is not just magnificent teaching Bahasa Indonesia, but has also developed a very thorough and effective curriculum and syllabus for non-native speakers. Having learnt Indonesian language from Basic to Advanced level with Ibu Christina and her trainers, I am proud to say that no other Bahasa Indonesia teams can match them in terms of delivery and standard. As a competent Bahasa Indonesia speaker now, I can truly appreciate how Ibu Christina had focused on those intricate parts of language learning and allowed us to develop our proficiency and flair in it. Her tailor made courses had also allowed me to be confident in topics which best suited my duties in Jakarta. I can never say enough thank you to her and her team, who had allowed me to learn this marvelous language and be connected to this country of more than 280 million people.

Toh Keng Hoe

Military officer and alumnus of Indonesian Command and Staff College

Ibu Christina’s pleasant and approachable disposition that combined with her adaptive teaching style has greatly facilitated my journey in learning Bahasa Indonesia. Her passion and commitment in helping her students extends beyond the classroom environment and I have continued to benefit from her coaching until today. She is truly the best language teacher I have ever had.

Koh Yong Jin

Director, Business Development, SJ Defence Services

Having been required to pick up Indonesian in a short time due to work, I am extremely grateful to have been taught by Ms Christina Dewi and her team. The course struck a great balance between imparting formal rules of grammar and exposing me to “big picture” issues relating to Indonesian politics and culture. The lessons came alive through a mix of activities ranging from discussing issues in class to learning pop songs and watching the Indonesian political debates! The teachers were not only highly competent but also always friendly and approachable. Within two to three months of tailored study, I was able to write compositions, understand news reports and speak about Indonesian politics in Indonesian. I’d highly recommend any course by Ms Dewi.

Timothy Ang

Military officer and alumnus of Indonesian Command and Staff College

My husband was posted to Indonesia for a year, which granted me the opportunity to also pick up the language with BAHASAGURU team. Although we only had 2 months of lessons given time constraints, I was able to hold a conversation confidently in Bahasa at the end, from knowing next to nothing initially. Christina and her team of teachers write their own materials, which are thoughtfully organized into chapters that take you from simple greetings to ordering in restaurants to going to the doctor’s. BAHASAGURU also has more advanced lesson plans that focus on grammar and comprehension. In addition, interactive teaching materials are used in the class to augment the lessons. Be it for first-timers learning for conversational use, or speakers who are looking to deepen their understanding of the language, I’d definitely recommend BAHASAGURU.

Dr. Jocelyn Lim

Paediatrician at KK Hospital

There are many teachers for Bahasa Indonesia so why is Christina so special? I think other than being a good and effective teacher, one of her strengths is that she has a very customised program which suits the needs of her students. Be it the businessmen who not only need to know the Indonesian language but also the Indonesian culture, the wives who need to speak colloquial Bahasa to mingle with the local Ibu-Ibu or the military man who needs to know the various military terminology, she can customise something for you. Another advantage is also that she has a strong team of teachers, each with their different strengths and she can allocate the teachers based on the needs of her students in the different phases of learning the language.

Wong Pui Chuan

Military officer and alumnus of Indonesian Command and Staff College

I highly recommend Ms.Christina for her courses in Indonesian language. The syllabus is very well structured and covers a broad range of topics and real life situations. Her classes are very engaging and highly interactive, which is extremely useful when it comes to speaking and practising a new language. Overal, two thumbs up!

Dr. Nick Tan

Dentist in private practice

I highly recommend BAHASAGURU Indonesian language program and method to anyone who is serious about mastering Indonesian in the shortest time possible. Their systematic and innovative language teaching method is both fun and engaging, sustaining learner’s interest and enthusiasm.

Dr. Alvin Lum

Executive director of Pacific Century Consulting

BAHASAGURU’s teaching method is conducted on a very personal yet interactive mode and on a progressive approach. The materials are also clear and very useful. I thoroughly enjoyed my learning of Indonesian language under Christina & her team.

Marcus Ng

Priority banking relationship manager, Standard Chartered

*Testimonials are given in personal capacity.